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Hillcrest Saddlery Saddle Direct Price: $1,575

The old, original Buena Vista plantation saddle was about the most comfortable riding saddle ever made. They were used by plantation overseers, country doctors, circuit riding preachers, and others who spent long hours horseback and had to have a saddle that was all-day comfortable for themselves and their mounts.

The only problem with the old Buena Vistas is that most of them have deteriorated badly, and even if you find one for sale, it may not be in serviceable condition. Do not confuse the true Buena Vista with some recent look-alike reproductions made with plastic trees, South American leather, and every construction shortcut known to the saddlery trade.

In order that others may know the pleasure of using these fine saddles, Hillcrest Saddlery is now hand-crafting a limited number of them. They are built like the originals, except for several improvements. Click here to review some of the key features.

Each saddle is custom made to your specifications. Therefore, special features can usually be incorporated at little or no additional cost.

Click here to see our sample saddles.

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