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Saddle Features

  • The Hillcrest model, like the original Buena Vista, is built on a quality wood tree; however, for added strength and durability the Hillcrest trees are covered with either rawhide or fiberglass. Any size or shape tree is available to custom fit you and your mount.
  • All leather is cut from first quality English or domestic hides.
  • The panels under the saddle are hand stuffed with pure sheep wool. This all natural material will not draw moisture like foam rubber or other synthetics, and it will conform to your horse's back for a perfect fit. This eliminates the main causes of sore backs in horses.
  • The padded seat is stuffed with curly hair and is hand stitched in an attractive and functional tufted pattern. The use of all natural materials avoids the heat buildup experienced with most modern seats that are padded with rubber or gel. The seat is suspended on webbing, so you are riding in a "hammock", not on a hard tree.
  • All hardware is heavy duty solid brass. Stainless steel is also available.
  • Trail style stirrups are hooded for your protection from hang up (and other riders' kicking horses) and are hung on extra wide stirrup leathers cut from the spine portion of the hide.
  • The pommel and cantle of the Hillcrest model are somewhat higher than the original Buena Vistas, giving the rider a deeper, more secure seat.
  • Hillcrest saddles come English rigged. Western rig is also available.
  • Padded pommel and cantle rolls are standard and enhance the comfort and security of the saddle.
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