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About Hillcrest Saddlery

Hillcrest Saddlery was started in the year 2000 and is owned by Myron Razor, a lifelong horseman with a special interest in saddles of a practical design for pleasure riding. As an enthusiastic trail rider and bird dog field trialer, he has ridden thousands of miles in many types of saddles. He regularly trail rides throughout the United States.

Myron grew up on a cattle farm in Kansas. He served in the U.S. Army Presidential Honor Guard in Arlington, Virginia, during the Eisenhower administration. Following graduation from college, he spent 35 years in management positions in the financial services industry. He has held leadership roles in many civic and business organizations. He married his wife, Marcia, in 1961, she passed away in 2021. They had two children. Melanie is a retired vice president of a large investment firm, and Dr. Mark is a university administrator/teacher.

Myron is a long time collector and student of plantation, military, endurance, and other saddle types that are designed for comfort of the horse and rider. He is particularly interested in the history and design of the various types of plantation saddles. In the course of acquiring and maintaining his personal collection of vintage saddles, he began doing a few of his own minor repairs, progressing to major repairs, then to building a few saddles, and -as the saying goes- "the rest is history".

Myron is an award winning artist, working in watercolors and also producing bronze and porcelain sculpture. He applies to his saddle making the same attention to detail and pursuit of perfection that is found in his paintings and sculptures.

Wadesville, IN 47638 (812) 985-5550

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